Wall of shame

The wall of shame is a list of all companies I hate for some reason.
I will never buy from these companies.

Name Website Area Why
La Banque Postale labanquepostale.fr Banking Their website loads up google & amazon services, ads. Their autenticator app (which you are required to download if you want to access your accounts) is proprietary and has tons of trackers.
Alphabet Inc. abc.xyz Advertising Agregates tons of user data for the sole purpose of selling it to target ads.
Microsoft Corporation microsoft.com Operating Systems, Cloud Hosting Uses its monopoly to force the installation of a proprietary operating system on most of computers in the world that spies on people; m$ is also forcing users to use their new browser.
Amazon Inc. amazon.com Online retail, Advertising, Cloud Hosting Uses large amounts of unethically collected data to target ads; is pushing DRM-locked technology (kindle) to replace (more libre) books on which they have a total control; is killing local shops that can’t compete with internet prices; underpays workers for dreadful working conditions; in some countries, amazon can fire you because you are on sick leave.
Mc Donald’s Corporation mcdonalds.com Fast Food Poses a threat to public health by distributing cheap and unhealthy food; underpaid workers.
Facebook Inc. facebook.com Social Networking, Advertising Agregates user data to sell it; spies on users through embedded content; spies on users that doesn’t possess any facebook accounts; leaks sensible user data every 60 days or so
Apple Inc. apple.com Hardware, Operating System Sells overpriced hardware made by enslaved Uighur people; apple can delete apps remotely.
Adobe Inc. adobe.com Software Publishes free of charge and proprietary software that is well-know to send lots of data back to adobe; software by adobe requires an active internet connection; adobe can cancel your subscription at any time even if you paid for it.
Discord Inc. discord.com Communication Software Proprietary software which requires you to solve captchas; demands to provide a phone number; bans people with no reasons; it records all programs opened on the machine it’s running on; discord complies with no hesitation to government requests; discord will not support E2E encryption; they mobile app loves to munch on data
Carrefour S.A. carrefour.com Retail Carrefour teamed up with Tencent; underpaid workers