OpenSIM Hosting

I am currently hosting SIMs for the OpenSIM protocol.

Supported grids

Currently supported Grids:

Other grids may be added later.


Current prices for regions w/ prims per month:

  • 10k Prims, 65.536M2 [2USD]
  • 15k Prims, 65.536M2 [5USD]
  • 30k Prims, 65.536M2 [10USD]
  • 50k Prims, 65.536M2 [20USD]
  • 75k Prims, 65.536M2 [30USD]
  • 100k Prims, 65.536M2 [50USD]

More plans may be added later upon testing new releases of OpenSIM.
Custom prim count on demand.


  • 1Tb of disk per SIM
  • Dedicated hardware
  • Full SIM access, you can do whatever you want on it
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Auto sim restart on crash
  • 24/7 uptime, no sleep

Will be added soon:

  • Voice chat

Current Work-In-Progress: voice chat is currently in a testing phase on the test grid, expect it soon!

How to order

You can send a mail at You may include the grid you want the SIM to be on and the plan you wish to get.