Terms of service

Terms of Service

In this text, “the service” means the Meow Misskey instance.

Note: the server is currently hosted in France by OVH.


Your kids are not my problem, if something here shocked your kid, it is because he shouldn’t be here first, please do your parenting job before asking services to change. All requests concerning this will be ignored.

Reasons why your account may be deactivated

  • You didn’t tag NSFWs posts, event after an admin told you to do so
  • You posted offensive content (racist, homophobic, transphobic or sexist content)
  • You posted gore (forbidden on this instance)
  • You spammed other instances or a user in particular

Please don’t try to find loopholes in the rules, admins always have the final word!
If you want to host a Bot, please use the ‘Bot’ switch on the user settings or it might get deleted.

Reasons why your instance may be blocked

  • Your instance consists uniquely in spamming people using bots
  • Your instance only promotes NSFL practices (self-harm)

About DMCA complains

Share what you want. DMCA is not and won’t apply on this server.

About french laws against “hatred”

The provided server do not and will not apply the french law “against hatred” on the internet which is simply put, a threat to free speech and democracy.
This service will never comply with such laws!
Fuck the french government, you are not welcome here.
I’ll advice to use TOR so these pigs don’t see what you are doing.

Oink oink, do dictatorship looks good?


This page may be updated at any moment, please follow @jae@miss.jaekr.sh or @jae@mastodon.tedomum.net to be notified.

The current user ban list is available here.
The current blocked instances are available here.