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This website does not stores any cookies.
The only present cookies on this website are the one from the Mastodon embeds present on theses articles:

For now, I would recommend you to completely block cookies.
I might remove this embed because it adds unnecessary cookies.

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This website uses Goatcounter to make statistics.
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About paywalls

The content will also be forever free since I hate paywalls myself :)
Whoever you are, I hope you’ll enjoy yourself here.


Stuff that rocks:

  • Tedomum.net - A french Open-Source service provider that respects your privacy.
  • Linux - The very software that powers everything up.
  • GNU - The philosophy I am following
  • Useplaintext - Basic guidelines about e-mails.
  • Weechat - The best IRC client.
  • Mastodon - An Open-Source social network.

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