Developer, designer

My Projects

This website (XHTML)

Glowing-Bear Imgur support - Weechat IRC web client (JS)

Hiboo - Centralized authentication for multiple services (Python)

MagikFiles - A simple file hosting service (JS)

My Fursona - An anthropomorphic character for roleplays

Links & contact

Fediverse (Misskey) - Decentralized social network

Mail (GPG)

Repositories - Hosted using Kallithea

XMPP: jae@jae.moe

Stuff that rocks

Tedomum - French independant, transparent, open and neutral service host.

Artix - Linux distribution based on Archlinux using OpenRC.

ThePirateBay - Website that allows everyone to share and receive information freely.

Vim - Text editor used to make this website.

XMPP - An open & universal messaging standard.